Sustainability Workshop in Inglese Sustainability Workshop in Inglese – Calcinate

18 Maggio 2019

18 Maggio 2019

10:00 – 14:00

Calcinate, BG, Italia

EVENTO : dettagli e informazioni

Sustainability Workshop in Inglese – Bergamo for Biodiversity – Calcinate 18 Maggio 2019

What happens to your organic waste after you have separated it from your rubbish? 

What is Technology Green Roofs?

Organized as a part of a series of events in Inglese, focusing on Biodiversity in Bergamo, join Inglese Wall Street for a fascinating presentation and tour hosted by the firm FERTIL, with our Inglese Teachers.


We will learn about:

1) how converting food waste into organic fertilizer and soil is a sustainable way of food waste disposal.

2) how green roofs are one option That can reduce the negative impact of development and INCREASE green spaces in cities.

Join us afterwards for lunch at “Locanda dei Nobili Travelers”

Workshop: Free

Lunch: 10/15 €

Please book your place by 13th May 2019:

1) only workshops (max 30 seats)

2) workshops + lunch

We are waiting for you!

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